Civil Fee Information

Indigence (Inability to Pay due to Financial Hardship)

If you are indigent (suffering from financial hardship as defined by the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure), you may want to file an Statement of Inability to Afford Payment of Court Costs or an Appeal Bond as described in those rules and file it with your petition or application. These forms are also available at the Civil/Probate counter in Room 222 of the Courthouse. If you are represented by an attorney and are considered indigent under Texas Rules, your attorney may present a statement that the representation is pro bono (in other words, free).

It is the policy of the County Clerk to assure that access to the courts is available to everyone, regardless of the ability to pay. However, if an Statement of Inability to Afford Payment of Court Costs or an Appeal Bond appears to be incomplete, self-contradictory, or otherwise not supportive of a claim of indigence, the matter is referred to the County Attorney’s office.

Refunds and Waivers

Please be aware that most fees cannot be refunded. Filing fees pay for the services provided by the Travis County Clerk’s Office and are required by law. Even if you have filed your case in the wrong venue or jurisdiction or if you have not prevailed in your case before the court, the services you requested of the Clerk were provided at the time the case was filed. Fees paid for services that have not yet been provided — for instance, the service of a citation or certified copies of an order — may sometimes be refunded. If no attempt has been made to serve a citation, the fees you paid may be refunded by that constable’s office. If you have not been granted an occupational license, the fees you paid in advance for certified copies may be refunded.

Service of Citation

Copies of documents for service of citation may be provided by the requesting party. Service requests may be via E-filing, mail, or in person at the Travis County Clerk's Office, Civil Division. If copies are not provided by the requester, the copies will have a cost of $1.00 per page. Copies cannot be provided electronically for service.

General Fees

Copies made by Clerk (in office or sent electronically)
$1.00 Per Page
Certified Copies (note: Copies to be certified by the clerk must be made by the Clerk’s Office)
$5.00 (Plus Cost of Copy)
Self-Serve Copies from Photocopiers
Self-Serve Copies from Microfilm Reader/Printers
Self-Serve Prints from Computers

Filing and Issuance Fees

New Lawsuit
Garnishment (in same Court)
Foreign Judgment
Protective Order Petition (Family Code)
No Charge
Severance of Suit
Occupational Driver's License (does not include costs of copies)
Condemnation / Eminent Domain
Cross-Action, Counterclaim, Interpleader, or Third-Party Action
Jury Fee
Issuance of Abstract of Judgment
Issuance of Writ of Execution, Writ of Sequestration, or Writ of Possession
Issuance of Show Cause Writ
Issuance of General Notice
Issuance of Writ of Attachment (Attorney provides Writ) plus certified copies
Issuance of Citation, Writ of Garnishment, or other issuing document [LGC 188.059]
Issuance of Subpoena
Scire Facias...(plus certified copies of final judgment)
10 Year Affidavit
Bill of Cost (must request in writing)
SR 42 (plus certified copies)
Venditioni Exponas (extension of an execution about to expire – no service charge)
Exemplification Fee (in addition to certifications and copy fees)

Fees for Service by Constable (may be included in same payment to Travis County Clerk)

Service of Citation or General Notice (in county or by certified mail)
Service of Subpoena
Service of Show Cause
Service of Garnishment or Temporary Restraining Order
Service of Writ of Execution (does not include commission)
Service of Writ of Possession (if move out exceeds 2 hours, additional fee of $55 per hour)
Service of Writ of Sequestration or Writ of Attachment
Service of Protective Order (charged to respondent)
Order of Sale (does not include commission)
To be attached to citation:
Secretary of State Fee (check payable to "Secretary of State")
To be attached to citation:
Commissioner of Insurance Fee (check payable to “Commissioner of Insurance”)
To be attached to subpoena as witness fee
Temporary Injunction
Turnover Order
Other Writs

Fee and Appointments Report
Civil Fee Schedule
Detailed Civil Fee Information

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit cards. A transaction fee applies to credit card payments: $3.00 for transactions less than $100.00 or 3% for transactions of $100.00 or more.

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