File a Petition of Non-Disclosure

File a Petition of Non-Disclosure

A person may file a Petition for Non-Disclosure with the Travis County Clerk's Civil department under conditions set out in Subsection (e) of Section 411.081, Government Code. The petitioner is required to pay the filing fees for a regular civil lawsuit and a special $350.00 fee at the time the petition is filed. The filer will need to contact the County Court to set a hearing.

Please visit to access the OCA forms for Non-Disclosure.

A Petition for Non-Disclosure is not the same as a Petition for an Expunction. Under certain circumstances, a person who has been arrested for a misdemeanor is entitled to have all records related to the arrest expunged (destroyed). Petitions for Expunction are filed through the District Clerk’s office.

The Travis County Clerk’s Office recommends the assistance of an attorney in filing either a Petition for Non-Disclosure or a Petition for Expunction. If you need assistance in finding legal services, please see our list of Legal Resources and review the Travis County Law Library’s Criminal Records Program.

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