Birth and Death Records

In Travis County, the County Clerk is not the local registrar for all birth and death certificates.

The following birth and death records may be obtained from Travis County Clerk’s Recording Division:

    • All births and deaths within Travis County that occurred from 1903-1956.

Copies of Birth and Death Certificates may be purchased from the County Clerk’s Office by filling out and mailing a completed form. Must send cashier's check, money order, or check to:

Recording Division
Travis County Clerk
P.O. Box 149325
Austin, TX 78714


    • Certified Copy of Birth Certificate $22.00.
    • Certified Copy of Death Certificate $20.00.

For birth and death records outside the city limits of Austin but within Travis County, contact Justice of the Peace Court where birth and death occurred.

For birth and death records within Austin City limits, contact the City of Austin’s Vital Records Office.

For birth and death records that are not in Austin or Travis County but within Texas contact:

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