Misdemeanor FAQ

When is my court date? Can I reset the date?

The Criminal Courts now offer the ability to search dockets and settings online. You can also contact them at (512) 854-9244.

What is my case number?

You can find this information by searching our Search + Copies or Records page or contacting the Criminal Courts Administration Office at (512) 854-9244.

Can you provide any information about the attorney on record for a specific case?

When you complete a search on an individual Cause Number there will be a column displayed with the attorney name on the Search Results screen.

What is a bond forfeiture case?

A bond forfeiture case is filed when a misdemeanor defendant has failed to appear for a hearing or trial. If an answer is not filed in a timely fashion, the plaintiff may take a default judgment. Contact your attorney or the County Attorney’s Office at (512) 854-9415.

How do I obtain an Order Refunding Cash Bond?

Download the Order Refunding Cash Bond form from the Forms page and submit it to the Misdemeanor Records Division either by mail or in person. We cannot accept faxed documents.

Where do I pay my court fees?

All fees due to the County Clerk for misdemeanor cases are paid to the Central Collection Division of the Tax Office in the Blackwell-Thurman Criminal Justice Center, located at 509 W. 11th St., on the 1st floor in room 1.300. The Misdemeanor Records Division cannot accept payment for court fees.

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