Campaign Finance

It is still possible for candidates and officeholders to file reports that are due. Even when personal delivery is impossible, a campaign finance report may still be filed by mail, fax or through the Campaign Finance Portal . We understand that you may encounter difficulties filing and processing campaign finance reports due to COVID-19. If you encounter a difficulty meeting the filing deadline, the filer should document this, and be able to provide that documentation if necessary. The Texas Ethics Commission will consider all factors in the event of a sworn complaint. Please contact the Texas Ethics Commission for more information at

Types of Reports

County officeholders and candidates for county office are required by state law to file reports of their campaign contributions and expenditures with the county clerk. The form for these reports is prescribed by the Texas Ethics Commission. Filing deadlines are available on the Ethics Commission web site.

Important Note: Filings are presented on the web site as a convenience. The absence of a filing on the web site does not mean that a candidate or officeholder has not filed a required report, but may merely mean that we’re in the process of making it web-ready. For complete, accurate, up-to-date information on any filing, please check with the county clerk’s office directly.

Campaign Finance Portal

Candidates, officeholders and committees required to file with the County Clerk may file online through the Travis County Campaign Finance Portal.

Note: Before submitting through the online portal, users must complete the Travis County Elections – Campaign Finance Security Form and submit it to the Elections Office at [email protected].

Please review the Campaign Finance Website-User Guide before filing through the online portal.

What’s Available on this Site?

You can view scanned images of filings made by candidates and office holders since July of 1997. These files require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view or print. The reader can be downloaded free from Adobe.

The files on the web site vary in size from approximately 200k to 3 meg. Files larger than 3 meg have been split into two or more files. Originals remain on file in the county clerk’s office and may be referenced by the same document number used on the web site.

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Filings after November 11, 2021 are available on the Travis County Campaign Finance Portal

Filings between 1997 and November 11, 2021 are available through the links below:

What’s Not Available on this Site?

Personal financial disclosure statements are only available for public viewing in the office of the county clerk.

State law requires that you log your name, address, and the name of the person or organization you are representing, in order to view an individual’s personal financial disclosure statement.

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