Commissioners Court

Fee Information





Copies made by Clerk (in office or sent electronically)
$1.00 Per Page
Certified copies (Note: Copies to be certified by the clerk must be made by the Clerk’s Office.)
$5.00 (Plus Cost of Copy)
Self-serve copies from photocopiers
Self-serve copies from microfilm reader/printers
Self-serve prints from computers


Application for Probate of Will and for Issuance of Letters Testamentary
Application for Probate of Will as a Muniment of Title
Application for Appointment of Administrator
Application for Appointment of Independent/Dependent Administrator and Determination of Heirship
Application for Appointment of Independent/Dependent Administrator with Will Annexed
Application for Appointment of Temporary Administrator
NOTE: For any application to probate a copy of a lost will or codicil, or to probate a lost will or codicil without a copy, or to probate a will more than four years after the testator’s death, or for any reason the Court requires an ad litem, a deposit of $450.00 is added to the filing fee.
Application for Appointment of Guardian
Application for Appointment of Temporary Guardian
Application for Determination of Heirship
Adverse Action, Probate (does not include posted notice or personal citation)
Mental Health Suit: Inside Travis County
Mental Health Suit: Outside Travis County
Testamentary Trust, Construction of Trust, Civil Action
Management Trust
Foreign Will Filed for Issuance of Letters Testamentary
Foreign Will (for Recording Only)
Application for Sale of Property of a Minor by a Parent Without Guardianship
Payment of Claims Without Guardianship
Small Estate Affidavit
Garnishment After Judgment
Issuance of Citation, Notice, Bill of Costs, or other issuing document
Administration of Oath
Recording Bond
Claims Against the Estate (allowed and unallowed)


Issuance of Letters Testamentary
Issuance of Letters of Administration
Issuance of Letters of Independent Administration
Issuance of Certificate of Temporary Guardianship
Issuance of Letters of Guardianship
Issuance of Letters of Temporary Administration
Exemplified Letters
Exemplified/Authenticated copies
$1.00 Per Page Plus $7.00 Certification / Exemplification


Order Admitting Will to Probate and Granting Letters Testamentary or Letters of Administration
Order Admitting Will to Probate as a Muniment of Title
Order Appointing Guardian and Granting Letters of Guardianship
Order of Sale of Property
Decree Confirming Sale
Decree of Partition and Distribution
Order Removing Executor, Administrator, or Guardian
Order Approving Inventory
Fiat or Certificate

Ancillary Documents

Filing Annual Report (with existing Estate, includes signature fee)
Filing of Annual Account (includes signature fee)
Filing of Final Account of Estate (includes posting, signature and issuance fee)
Filing of Application for Sale of Real or Personal Property (includes posting, signature, and issuance fee)
Answer or Response
No Charge
Filing Inventory and Appraisal (After the 90th day from Oath or Bond)
Will for Deposit with Travis County Clerk’s Office

Jury Fees

Jury Fee, Probate
Jury Fee, Civil

Searching Probate Records

Customer requesting a cause number or status of a case filed after July 1992 and appears on the automated system.
No Charge –
Call (512) 854-9188
Customer requesting cause number or status of a case filed before July 1992 that requires reviewing microfilm records.
There is a $10 charge per name per decade of film searched. Customer suggests the order decades are researched.


Adobe Acrobat Probate Fee Schedule
Adobe Acrobat Detailed Probate Fee Information
Adobe Acrobat Detailed Mental Health Fee Information
Adobe Acrobat Policy on Exemption from Payment for Copies

Service of Citation

Copies of documents for service of citation may be provided by the requesting party. Service requests may be via E-filing, mail, or in person at the Travis County Clerk's Office, Civil Division. If copies are not provided by the requester, the copies will have a cost of $1.00 per page after the first 50 pages. Copies cannot be provided electronically for service.

The County Clerk’s Office accepts the following forms of payment: cash, personal or business checks, money orders, cashier’s checks, LegalEase, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express Credit Cards.

There is a transaction fee when a credit card is used for payment:
$3 charge for transactions less than $100 or a 3% charge for transactions of $100 or more.


  • Attorney ad litem fees will be waived only by court order.
  • Some filings require posted notice or personal citation. Constable’s service fees must be added.
  • Fax filing cannot be accepted.




The Travis County Clerk maintains the county's records, administers elections, and oversees legal documentation (such as property deeds, marriage licenses and assumed name certificates).

Main Phone Line: (512) 854-9188 | 24 Hour Voter Hotline: (512) 238-VOTE (8683) | Election Division: (512) 854-4996 | Misdemeanor Division: (512) 854-9440