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Fee Information
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Indigence (Inability to Pay due to Financial Hardship)

If you are indigent (suffering from financial hardship as defined by the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure PDF), you may want to file an Affidavit of Inability to Pay Costs PDF as described in those rules and file it with your petition or application. These forms are also available at the Civil/Probate counter in Room 222 of the Courthouse. If you are represented by an attorney and are considered indigent under Texas Rules, your attorney may present a statement that the representation is pro bono (in other words, free).

It is the policy of the County Clerk to assure that access to the courts is available to everyone, regardless of the ability to pay. However, if an Affidavit of Inability to Pay Costs appears to be incomplete, self-contradictory, or otherwise not supportive of a claim of indigence, the matter is referred to the County Attorney’s office.

Refunds and Waivers

Please be aware that most Fees cannot be refunded. Filing Fees pay for the services provided by the Travis County Clerk’s Office and are required by law. Even if you have filed your case in the wrong venue or jurisdiction or if you have not prevailed in your case before the court, the services you requested of the Clerk were provided at the time the case was filed. Fees paid for services that have not yet been provided — for instance, the service of a citation or certified copies of an order — may sometimes be refunded. If no attempt has been made to serve a citation, the Fees you paid may be refunded by that constable’s office.

Misdemeanor Fee Schedule

Court Costs

State Consolidated Court Costs
Local Consolidated Court Costs

Additional Costs

Each Warrantless Arrest With Bond
add $25.00
Each Warrantless Arrest Without Bond
add $15.00
Each Warrant Arrest With Bond
add $70.00
Each Warrant Arrest Without Bond
add $60.00
Each Subpoena Served (Per Witness)
add $5.00
Each Summons Served
add $5.00
Jury Fee
add $40.00
Jury Summoned by Law Enforcement Officer
add $5.00
Video Fee
add $15.00
Transcript of Criminal Proceedings (Per Page)
add $1.00
Local Crime StopPers (Probated Cases)
add $30.00
Graffiti Eradication
add $50.00
Timely Payment Fee
add $2.50
State Traffic Fee
add $50.00
DNA Testing (Penal Code Convictions)
add $50.00
DNA testing (Government Code Convictions)
add $250.00
Child Abuse Prevention Fee
add $100.00
EMS/Trauma Fund
add $100.00
Intoxication and Drug Conviction Fee
add $60.00
Family Violence Center Fee Payment
add $100.00
State Fee Assessed on Any Moving Violation
add $0.10
Placement of Community Supervision, if DNA Sample Required
add $34.00
Breath Alcohol Fee
add $22.50
Restitution Installment
add $12.00

Other Fees

Copies (Per Page)
add $1.00
Certification Fee (Per Document)
add $5.00
Exemplified Copy
add $2.00
Record Search Fee
add $5.00
Record Search Fee (Prior to 1981)
add $10.00
Self-Service Copies
add $0.20
Convey Witnesses
add $10.00
Serve Writs
add $35.00
Administrative Process Fee (Per Transaction)
add $2.00
Check Return Fee
add $30.00

Adobe Acrobat Misdemeanor Fee Schedule
Adobe Acrobat Policy on Exemption from Payment for Copies

The County Clerk’s Office accepts cash, checks, money orders, cashier’s checks, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express credit cards.

There is a transaction fee when a credit card is used for payment:
$3 charge for transactions less than $100 or a 3% charge for transactions of $100 or more.

The Travis County Clerk maintains the county's records, administers elections, and oversees legal documentation (such as property deeds, marriage licenses and assumed name certificates).

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