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Military and Overseas Voters
MASKS REQUIRED in all Travis County Clerk offices. All divisions are operating by appointment only at this time. Please select the division name above to learn more about making appointments.

Ballots of military and overseas voters are processed as quickly as ballots become available, Elections makes every effort to ensure that ballots will reach their intended recipients with sufficient time for a prompt return.

Members of the U.S. armed forces and merchant marines, their spouse or dependents, an Activated National Guard Member on State orders and their spouse or dependents, and citizens outside of the U.S. are eligible to vote by mail and, if necessary, register to vote.

Military and overseas voters may use the regular registration and early voting by mail process available to all voters away from their home county on Election Day. However, there are special provisions for those who fill out a Federal Post Card Application (FPCA).

We must receive your application no earlier than January 1st of the year in which the election is held and no later than the close of business 11 days before election day. If the deadline falls on a weekend, the last day to submit an application is the preceding Friday. If the deadline falls on a state or federal holiday, the ballot application must be received on the preceding business day.

For election-specific deadlines, click here.

Mail your application to:

Travis County Elections Division
PO Box 149325
Austin, TX 78714-9325

If you choose to use a contract carrier (FedEx, UPS, USPS Express or Priority Mail, etc.), applications can be delivered to:

Travis County Elections Division
5501 Airport Boulevard Suite #100
Austin, TX 78751-1410

You may also submit an application by email or fax:

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Fax: (512) 854-3969

NOTE: If you submit a FPCA by fax, it must also be submitted by mail and received in our office within four business days of your submission by FAX.

For In-Person Delivery, we can only accept an application in person directly from the individual voter. The voter may hand deliver their application to:

Travis County Election Division
5501 Airport Boulevard Suite #100
Austin, TX 78751-1410

You may cancel your FPCA status by email, fax, or mail. Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., fax us at (512) 854-9075, or submit information by mail to us at P.O. Box 149325, Austin, TX 78714-9325.

FPCA voters may receive their ballots via email.

Non-military voters who are overseas and do not intend to return, or whose return is not certain will receive a ballot that only contains races for federal offices in which the voter's residence address is eligible.

When properly completed, the FPCA application is valid for one calendar year (through the last day of December). We will continue to send ballots to you at your email or overseas address for all applicable elections until your FPCA is canceled or the eligibility period expires. Should you attempt to vote in person in an election in which we have mailed a ballot to you, you will be required to complete an affidavit of cancellation prior to voting.

The FPCA should be submitted every time you change your mailing address or email address. You may contact our office via fax, email or mail to update or cancel your FPCA status.

From within the U.S.: Postmarked by Election Day and received by the next business day after Election Day.

From outside the U.S.: Postmarked by Election Day and received by the fifth day after Election Day. If the fifth day falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or legal state or national holiday, the deadline moves to the next business day.

You may hand-deliver your own individual mailed ballot to the Travis County Elections Division at 5501 Airport Boulevard, only while the polls are open on election day from 7am to 7pm. You will be required to show one of the acceptable forms of ID.

It is a voter's responsibility to notify his or her local election official of mailing address changes (where the ballot is mailed). Many absentee voting materials are returned marked "Address Unknown". This problem may be caused by changes in duty stations or overseas residence addresses, or by a return to a local address. An updated FPCA may be submitted with the current address information.

Detailed information about eligibility requirements, the application process, types of elections, and ballot submission procedures are available on the web site of the Texas Secretary of State. For additional information, please visit the Federal Voting Assistance Program.

Voters with questions may call us at (512) 238-VOTE (238-8683 a 24-hour automated voice-response system), fax us at (512) 854-3969, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or write us at: Travis County Election Division, PO Box 149325, Austin, TX 78714-9325.

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